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Los Angeles

Set in the heart of Hollywood, 1800 N. Vine Street is the Prime Focus headquarters in North America. A striking, spacious building directly across the street from the iconic Capital Records building, the facility houses the main ViewD™ division of Prime Focus in North America, offering some of the finest talent and technology available for 2D to 3D conversion of film, television and advertising. It is a front door into the Prime Focus Global network.


With its vibrant visual effects industry and preferential deals for filmmakers, Vancouver, or 'North Hollywood' as it is informally becoming known, is the perfect setting for Prime Focus World's main feature film VFX facility in North America.

New York

The Prime Focus NY office is a full service post facility specializing in the transfer, color correction, conform and mastering of film and High Definition content. With exceptional cinema and advertising credits, the New York staff provide color correction, online editorial, audio post, format conversion, duplication, encoding and quality control services. New York clients include production companies, creative agencies and editorial houses, as well as cable networks, content providers and distributors utilizing a variety of traditional and new media delivery systems.

Combining talent with leading technology brands such as DaVinci, Spirit, Smoke, ProTools, DVS and Alchemist, Prime Focus New York has established itself as a preferred provider of finishing and downstream services in the NY market. In conjunction with the Los Angeles facility, and the international Prime Focus studios, Prime Focus New York represents a complete solution for creative content and entertainment properties, including worldwide VFX pipelines and Digital Asset Management.

And with its beautiful 'West Village' location at the heart of the fastest growing media district on the East Coast, Prime Focus NY continues to provide a unique, client-friendly atmosphere catering to the very best of the New York creative community.

Commercials London

The specialist Commercials facility for London, 37 Dean Street is situated in the heart of Soho. The facility offers VFX, CG animation, Digital Intermediate and Telecine services to the advertising and music video industries.

The European hub of a global operation, this facility not only offers the services, skills and talent that are expected from a market leading London post production facility, but also a front door to the huge infrastructure advantages and cost efficiencies which can be gained by using the international Prime Focus group.

Broadcast, London

Home to the UK Broadcast division of Prime Focus since 1995, 58 Old Compton Street is London's premier facility for specialist creative services for the broadcast television market. With a wide range of services in picture, audio, post production and VFX, Prime Focus offers a complete broadcast post production solution from storyboard through to final delivery.

Broadcast VFX, London

Home to the Broadcast VFX division, 64 Dean Street offers extensive creative facilities, a wealth of experience and talent, and a wide range of VFX options to suit all broadcast projects.

This building is located adjacent to and connected with the Broadcast post facility at 58 Old Compton Street, allowing a seamless sharing of data between VFX and post, and providing producers of broadcast projects with the opportunity to centralise their VFX and post production work with one company. This allows Prime Focus to offer an integrated package of post production and visual effects for broadcast that is efficiently handled and project-managed under one roof, allowing the cost benefits of using a single company to be fully realised.

Prime Focus World

Prime Focus has recruited a handpicked team of some of the VFX industry's top talent to launch Prime Focus World, a brand new Film VFX and Stereoscopy facility based in the heart of London. This brand new offering has been designed from the ground up to offer an exciting alternative to London's established VFX companies, challenging the conventions and traditional practices which have become commonplace in the industry and promoting a new way of engaging with filmmakers.

Prime Focus Animation

Prime Focus Animation is a global animation company working across advertising, broadcast and long-form projects. With its mix of film and TV experience, advertising background and directorial profile, it delivers award-winning animation, from short-form commercials to full CG Broadcast series.

Global Headquarters - Mumbai

The state-of-the-art, 75,000 square foot headquarters of the Prime Focus global operation is based at the Royal Palms business park in Mumbai. This world-class facility houses seven theaters and hundreds of artist seats, as well as dedicated client relaxation areas, and offers a complete slate of visual effects, post and production services.

Mumbai Khar

The Khar facility is located in the heart of Mumbai, and specialises in commercials with many thousands of ads completed since its doors first opened. The facility's success can be attributed to the skill and talent of its operators, its solid infrastructure and the strength of its relationships with the top commercials directors working in India today.

Mumbai Parel

The office of Prime Focus Technologies lies at the epicentre of the Lower Parel advertising district and is the proud home to the award-winning hybrid cloud content operations platform CLEAR, providing media and entertainment enterprises the world over with the means to realise the full potential of their content. For more information on the full spectrum of services offered by Prime Focus Technologies, click here to visit the website.

Mumbai Royal Palms

Running production on an average of 10 feature films at any one time, the Prime Focus VFX facility at Royal Palms is one of the busiest studios in Asia. The facility offers huge CGI and VFX capacity, art department and pre-viz, and offline and online facilities, and employs hundreds of VFX artists.

Mumbai Film City

The Prime Focus Equipment Rental offices are located in the world famous Film City studio complex, which is itself situated on the outskirts of the National Park and just down the road from the Royal Palms VFX facility. Film City is Mumbai's feature film hub, where over 300 Bollywood movies are shot every year. Spread across 10,000 sq ft, the facility is strategically located for filmmakers, owing to its proximity to the studios and lots of Film City. The new facility has a DOP Test room designed by renowned DOP Mr. Kamalakar Rao. Outside Mumbai, Prime Focus provides Equpiment Rental services in Hyderabad and Chennai, and is also foraying into advertising sector to cater to the needs of ad film makers.


Hyderabad is home to the famous Rama Naidu Studios, an historic film studio complex which houses the Prime Focus Hyderabad facility. This is a strong VFX and DI facility which provides services to the "Tollywood" (Teluga) feature film market, and employs over 80 VFX artists.


The Prime Focus facility in Chennai in the south of India primarily concentrates on feature film VFX and DI work for the Kollywood (Tamil) film market. With a 40 strong team, about half of whom are employed on VFX work, this facility also offers its services to advertising clients in the south of India.


The operational centre of Prime Focus Technologies, Bangalore is the main technology hub of the group, and the offices for the team which develops and maintains CLEAR, the group's 'Hybrid Cloud content operations platform'.


This enormous 50,000 sq ft state-of-the-art 2D-to-3D conversion and VFX facility in Northern India provides space for over 3,000 Prime Focus artists, all constantly connected to Prime Focus facilities across the globe by our unique Global Digital Pipeline. The facility is dedicated to working on global projects, from features to commercials, that arrive from Prime Focus facilities worldwide.


Prime Focus' Delhi facility ensures that the capital’s advertisers have access to the Domain Centric Cloud (DCC) which connects broadcasters, content suppliers and playout origination centres across India.


Prime Focus’ Kolkata Broadcast Hub connects the eastern region of India to the Digital Media Supply Chain – a file-based service, run through CLEAR™, which connects content developers, broadcasters and content transmission centres, and offers many benefits over the traditional method of using tape to deliver content. The Broadcast Hub is home to a state-of-the-art Content Operations facility and offers industry-leading production, post-production, visual effects, distribution, archiving and delivery services to the local advertising, film and broadcast industries.

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